Quake Extreme Mod 4.00

Choose your weapon and frag your way through Quake.

Frogbot Training Grounds 1.04

Face the deadliest virtual opponent ever!

DXQuake HD patch 0.99

Make your Quake client look beautiful!

Project XA (in development)

What are Xeno and Arkon working on today?

Run through Quake maps and face its minions like never before, alone or with a friend.

Choose a weapon. Choose to play a map, an episode or the entire game. You'll start with the exact number of ammos needed for killing all monsters and to open all 'shoot-doors' or activate 'shoot-buttons'. Obviously skill level depends also on which weapon you choose: using the lighning gun makes the game easier, using the axe makes your worst nightmare come true. Depending on how many secrets you found and how many monsters you kill, you'll ear a comment. It supports normal Quake, Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity in both single player and cooperative mode.

Train in different game modes with the deadliest virtual opponent ever!

A Quake mod that combines the Frogbot, Classic FFA, Match mode, Clan Arena, Deathmatch mode 4 and Runequake. Its virtual players are supported only in the following maps: Aerowalk, Zaphod's Arena, The Abandoned Base, The Bad Place, The Dark Zone, Castle Of The Damned, Frogbotrophobolis, Powder Keg, Ultraviolence and Blood Run. It also supports rocket arena mode for human players only. Extensively beta tested by [QUAD] Hiroshi and during [QUAD] LAN Parties, works fine also as online game server in all game modes listed above.

Bring DXQuake to its limit!

As its name says, DXQuake HD Patch is not properly a mod, it is a collection of pk3 archives easily pluggable in your Quake folder to enhance the game graphic with high resolution textures as well as sound with a better sampled effects and music. Enhancements in DXQuake (as well as in MHQuake) needs to follow the exact game structure as the original game, this made developers decide to release their eyecandies for other engines. Now you can simply download the pk3s and put them in your id folder to make them affect all mods you have installed or simply create an hires subfolder inside your Quake one, download them here and run all of them as a mod. For map textures there are two existing options: a 417 MB pk3 archive featuring textures at their maximum detail level or a 16 MB one with resolution optimized for online gaming. Similar option is existing for gibs archive: one features single player monster gibs, the other player chops. Only one texture is missing in order to complete the replacement of every content of original Quake game: the biosuit one.

And if a new passage would have opened in Shub-Niggurath's pit, where this would have lead?

With this question in mind Xeno and Arkon started Project XA. While still not having a definitive name, the new custom episode looks promising but it is still not featuring a release day. It will feature a customized progs.dat, seven to ten maps, new monsters and probably will need a recent game engine to run at its best. Expect updates soon.